Monday, June 7, 2010

This is no plain Jane

The Internet can be as frightening as fascinating. One needs a certain fearlessness but there's nothing that says we can't get a little help from our friends. And Jane is one friend you want. About a decade ago, this wonderful woman had the brilliant idea of exploring the dark, creepy corners of the web so you don't have to. Jane's Guide Adult Website Reviews was born and surfing the Naughty Net would never be the same. Jane single-handedly, so to speak, changed the pleasure quotient. As Jane herself explains, Jane's Guide not only reviews but also rates adult sites, toys, videos -- basically, just about everything a guy or doll could desire that side of virtual. The writing is smart, witty, fun and full of humor. The site is easy to navigate and deceptively simple; an hour or four could go by without a single pop-up to remind you that perhaps should you be elsewhere? Jane's reviews will tell you up front what to expect from sites regarding free galleries, fees and whether they're worth it your hard-earned dinero. In fact, she and her staff will also bluntly tell you not to waste your time. Moreover, Jane's also offer regional guides to clubs and various, um, services. (Local dominatrix, anyone?)