Monday, October 18, 2010

Two new Getaways that hit the spot

Brought to you by the witty and wonderful folks at Babeland (my favorite online toy store), comes the stimulating new battery-op, waterproof Nomi Tang Getaway.

Few vibes get us this excited. I was trying to create my own description when I realized there was no need to fiddle ... Here's what the Babeland newsletter says about it:
This is the Getaway G model.

"Sometimes, a battery-operated vibrator comes along that sets a new standard for quality and versatility; the Getaway is one of those toys. 

"Two distinct models – the vibrant fuchsia Getaway G for perfect G-spot stimulation, or the aqua Getaway Smooth for sleek, satisfying penetration – give you plenty of options. 

"No matter which Getaway you choose, the beautifully contoured base functions as a powerful clit vibrator, as well. 

"And either way, you'll be treated to fully waterproof silicone construction, Nomi Tang's trademark touch sensor controls (scroll easily through two pulsation options and multiple speeds), and one of the quietest battery-operated motors we've ever heard. 

"Take this near-silent wonder into the bathtub with you, and nobody – roommates, partners, kids – will be the wiser."

At $79 for either model, it won't break the bank. It's a perfect holiday love gift. And for you Scorpios and Sags, there's still time to add it to your birthday wish list.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Girls go Gaga over googly eyes, ignore risk

Big, beautiful eyes -- most cultures find them essential to sexiness. Even Cleopatra and her fellow ancients polished their peepers by lining them with kohl, a look popular to this day. Lately, however, young ladies are looking to a different queen for inspiration, HRH of Pop Lady Gaga as she appears in her video "Bad Romance" (above). To achieve the doe-eyed look, the singer dons extra-wide contacts known as "circle lenses." Since the debut late last fall of the video (which also computer enhances the eyes), increasing numbers of American girls have been purchasing the circle lenses in colors as unnatural as bright pink and purple from Asia, where the look has long been popular thanks to characters in anime. The FDA requires that U.S. companies not distribute any contact lens without prescription, a rule international web vendors ignore. The result is that girls from early teens on are sporting the contacts as cavalierly as faux lashes. The problem, opthamologists say, is not only the significant risk from ill-fit but also from the size of the lenses, which significantly restrict the oxygen to the eye surface. (Circle lenses, unlike traditional contacts, extend far beyond the iris.) Both can lead to such serious side effects as blindness. (See the original New York Times article: What Big Eyes You Have) What price beauty? Judging by the popularity of the trend and the number of fan-made how-to videos (including How to Get Lady Gaga Googly Eyes), none too high.

Monday, June 7, 2010

This is no plain Jane

The Internet can be as frightening as fascinating. One needs a certain fearlessness but there's nothing that says we can't get a little help from our friends. And Jane is one friend you want. About a decade ago, this wonderful woman had the brilliant idea of exploring the dark, creepy corners of the web so you don't have to. Jane's Guide Adult Website Reviews was born and surfing the Naughty Net would never be the same. Jane single-handedly, so to speak, changed the pleasure quotient. As Jane herself explains, Jane's Guide not only reviews but also rates adult sites, toys, videos -- basically, just about everything a guy or doll could desire that side of virtual. The writing is smart, witty, fun and full of humor. The site is easy to navigate and deceptively simple; an hour or four could go by without a single pop-up to remind you that perhaps should you be elsewhere? Jane's reviews will tell you up front what to expect from sites regarding free galleries, fees and whether they're worth it your hard-earned dinero. In fact, she and her staff will also bluntly tell you not to waste your time. Moreover, Jane's also offer regional guides to clubs and various, um, services. (Local dominatrix, anyone?)

Love me tender, Kiss Me Deadly

This wicked little ensemble from British company Kiss Me Deadly is from a collection known as the Van Mimi, pieces inspired by '50s haute couture. Each gorgeous Van Mimi piece features the sort of elements that make a dame -- and her dude -- daffy with delight, including eyelash and floral lace, satin, and velvet ribbon.

The marvelous midi bra and the lovely lace-skirted basque have
underwire, lined lace cups with padded satin sides and velvet ribbon trim. The basque also has the waist-shaping reinforcement of plastic boning plus six detachable suspender straps.

The matching deep suspender belt also has six wide straps and a center non-stretch panel crisscrossed with the same velvety ribbon. Any seasoned stocking-wearer knows, six straps are so much better for keeping those otherwise sauntering seamed stockings straight. There's also a matching lace brief and thong with delectable details at the, um, bum.

Kiss Me Deadly offers a sumptuous short-sleeved lace bolero, which looks as luscious on the town as in one's boudoir.

The Van Mimi is a limited edition collection, as are quite a few Kiss Me Deadly designs. But don't fret, my dears. If you can't score these delights in your size, there is an abundance of other collections to sate your
haute hunger.

For the record, most sets come in sizes S, M, L and XL, 32-36 B-DD and 38C-DD.

Honestly, Kiss Me Deadly has so many killer goodies, a gal could spend hours -- and a small fortune.

Kiss Me Deadly website will also give links to sites that offer its garments as well as the location of the bricks and mortar shops. Sadly, there is only a few in the states. But as we say, hope springs ...